Welcome to succeed in Seinäjoki

We at Into Seinäjoki Business Development are ready to help you invest or relocate in Seinäjoki region. 
We help you to start a company, find suitable premises and deal with other matters like recruiting staff and finding customers.

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Boost your business in Seinäjoki! 


Seinäjoki has been one of the top growth areas in Finland all along the 21st century and there is no end in sight, quite the contrary! By 2021, one billion euros will be invested in vitality of business in the Seinäjoki region. 

In the near future, the commercial downtown area will be completely renewed and hundreds of hectares of new business area will be established along the eastern bypass.

– We have the will to succeed and that has created a circle of success. Success stories have helped others to succeed, too. It feels good to speed up the circle of success, says Hannu Kantonen, the CEO of Into Seinäjoki Oy.


Welcome to the capital of entrepreneurship!



We spur you on to refine your business idea and give support in setting up a company. There are also several interesting businesses for sale which offer you a quicker entry to the local markets.



We find your company new sales and growth opportunities for instance through domestic and international investments and partners in over 50 countries. Annually, we organize dozens of events where you can find new ideas, know-how and contacts. If your growing business needs more space, we help you find new premises or plot. Main projects of the following years are the service and residential areas of the city centre and station area and the logistics and industrial areas of the eastern bypass.



We are your guide and your partner in finding new business opportunities in Seinäjoki. We offer you information on markets, partners, know-how, plots, premises and business opportunities for sale. Visit investseinajoki.fi 






At your service


Your success is our passion. With our regional experience and know-how we’ll help you bring your business into Seinäjoki. We are ready to take action and go the extra mile to help your business grow roots in Seinäjoki. We make it simple. First step to successful business is only a phone call away.


Mr. Jukka Pajunen
Director, Key Accounts

+358 44 418 1215


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