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A few hours of sparring to refine your business, tips for new premises, leads to start international trade. These are a few examples of the services we offer to companies seeking growth. We will also gladly help your business. 

Business sparring

A quick method to identify your businesses strengths. Company specific sparring or in a group of 3-4 businesses. Sparring themes include e.g. know-how, personnel, customers, competitors, differentiation, visibility, marketing, sales, finance and risks and protection. 

Further information: Riina Mansikkamäki, tel. +358 50 325 4720, riina.mansikkamaki(at)

International Markets

Are you looking for agents, distributors or suppliers in Europe? The Business Contact Database service with 5 500 companies, allows you to look for distributors, partners or technological co-operation from all business sectors, as well as offering your own skills to others. Also ask about events and consultation.

Further information: Satu Alapiha, tel. + 358 50 383 0355, satu.alapiha(at)

Product development

What does the customer think about your new product idea? How would you renew the current product range? At Into there are many projects in which you may test and develop products and services as well as get to know possible product developers and resellers.

Further information: Johanna Rintamäki, tel. + 358 40 592 7518, johanna.rintamaki(at)  

Company acquisitions

Share or business acquisition can be a good option to expand your company and take a growth step. However, it is worth carefully preparing for the deal and map different purchase targets. You get confidential advice to make this step from the regional business acquisitions expert.

Further information: Etelä-Pohjanmaan Yrittäjät, Aila Hemminki, tel. + 358 50 593 9739, aila.hemminki(at)

New customers

Are you looking for new partners or customers? You can find over 5,000 company contact details from the Seinäjoki company directory service. If you like, we can also help you in your search. Just let us know what you are looking for: business sector, products/services, business size or location. 

Further information: Sanna Kankaanpää, tel. +358 40 074 3422, sanna.kankaanpaa(at)

Skilled workers

Do you need support in seeking new skilled employees? By posting your open vacancies in the Work in Seinäjoki service you’ll get free web and social media coverage for your business and participate in our recruitment campaigns. Don’t forget to use the service also in search for seasonal labour! 

Further information: Anu Portti, tel. + 358 50 530 9250, anu.portti(at)

Premises or plots

Do you have premises that you would like to rent out or sell? Does your company need a new location? At the  service you can notify of free space and look for new locations. Or let us know your needs and we can look together. 

Premises: Niina Koskipalo, tel. +358 50 4300 792, niina.koskipalo(at),

Plots: Pekka Hunnakko, tel. +358 500 569 807, pekka.hunnakko(at),

Our services are free of charge!


Into is also responsible for numerous projects, which cut into current, business orientated development needs.
Read more about projects and the opportunities they offer.

Further information: Hannemari Niemi, tel. +358 40 145 1300, hannemari.niemi(at)

Digital services

Work when ever it best suits you! Premises, potential partners and customers, contract forms and business documents as well as sources of public finance - All these and much more available in Into's digital services!

Business Advisor

How much do you have to sell to stay alive? All company forms and contract templates in one place.

Premises and Plots

Find vacant premises and plots of land. If you can’t find anything suitable, then let’s look together. 

Business Directory

Missing a partner or customer? Get to know our region’s companies in the business directory.

Funding Instruments

Our updated list of public funding possibilities for business activities.

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