Start a business

Embark with us on a concise journey,
during which you will clarify your business idea

Fantastic that you intend to establish a company! Diverse assistance is available from us to help you develop and refine your business idea into a prosperous company. The sooner you act, the better the conditions you have for a good start. We offer you two concrete routes to develop your business idea: group coaching or personal sparring. 

Group coaching

There are five group meetings in Business Ideas Fly coaching. The coaches and group members spar, you train. At the end of the coaching you have a ready sales pitch for customers, partners and financers, and the knowledge and tools to write a business plan. The coaching is an entity. Your idea is refined more effectively, when you participate in every coaching evening. The programme is free of charge for you. 

Personal sparring

We get to know your idea and we clarify your business idea’s distinctiveness, challenges and possibilities and we make a concrete continuation plan. Be prepared for the following and further questions: What is the core message of your business plan? Who is your potential customer? Who are your strongest competitors? How will you stand out from your competitors? What does the customer buy from you? What makes the customer choose precisely your product or service?

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Digital services

Work when ever it best suits you! Premises, potential partners and customers, contract forms and business documents as well as sources of public finance - All these and much more available in Into's digital services!

Business Advisor

How much do you have to sell to stay alive? All company forms and contract templates in one place.

Premises and Plots

Find vacant premises and plots of land. If you can’t find anything suitable, then let’s look together. 

Business Directory

Missing a partner or customer? Get to know our region’s companies in the business directory.

Funding Instruments

Our updated list of public funding possibilities for business activities.

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Eeva Jussila
Tel. +358 40 508 7709