Start a business

Clarify your business idea with us

Start a business

Clarify your business idea with us

Starting a business in Seinäjoki and becoming an entrepreneur

Clarifying your business idea

Together, we find out the core of your business idea: expertise and specificity, markets and customers, resources and partners, products and services, and operating methods.

We will also work out steps to further refine your business idea and explore potential public funding opportunities. The earlier you are on the move, the better chances you have for a good start. We offer you two concrete routes: Business ideas on the fly – group coaching or personal sparring.

Business Ideas Take Off Group

There are five group meetings in coaching. Coaches and team members sparring, you train. After completing the coaching, you have concretized the core of your business idea and you have a ready-made sales speech to customers, partners and financiers, as well as the learning and tools to write a business plan. Coaching your business idea is free of charge for you.

Business ideas on the fly sparring

We will get to know your idea and find out its specificity, challenges and opportunities. Who is your most potential customer? Who are your worst competitors? How do you stand out in the market? What does the customer buy from you? What makes a customer choose your particular product and service? At the end of the sparring, we will make a concrete plan for the next steps. Sparring your business idea is free for you.

Business Pilot

Do you want to get started by yourself? With Business Pilot -tool you can logically plan your business and the necessary details will be considered so that everything is in order for a profitable and continuing business.

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Jussila Eeva
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Questions and answers for starting a business

When should I be in contact with Into?

As soon as possible, preferably before starting a business. We have a lot of good questions to you and we support you further.

What do you need to think about before contacting us?

You should have a business idea. If you have already made a business plan and calculations, great, but it’s not necessary at our first meeting.

What is the difference between the services of Into and The Finnish Enterprise Agencies?

At Into, we refine your business idea and concretize the progress of your business plan. The Finnish Enterprise Agencies will advise you on setting up questions as well as profitability calculations and profitability evaluation. You should use the services of Into and the The Finnish Enterprise Agencies to develop your business idea.

What happens immediately after contact?

We will arrange an appointment at a time convenient for you, either at Into’s office or remotely.

If you sign up for Business Ideas on-the-fly group coaching through Into’s event calendar, you will receive information about the coaching period and activities in your email after you have registered.

What does a start-up entrepreneur get by using Into’s service?

You get a lot of ideas, challenging your business idea in a positive way, new questions about your business idea. You will also receive extensive information about your business idea, potential customer contacts and networks, possible financing options, advice on product support for your services, marketing and inspiration for concrete advancement suggestions for the development of your business idea. In addition, raw factual information to run the business. We always help our customers by listening, inspiring, but also by boldly telling the realities.

Well, the company is now set up, how can Into be helpful after that?

Subscribe to our newsletter and follow Into in social media and take part in Into’s networking events and opportunities, take advantage of our digital services (financial summary, Corporate Interpreter, company register, office and plot market, and acquisition calendar). Into is happy to be involved in the growth and development of your business.

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