Building a business friendly city

Seinäjoki is the most entrepreneur-friendly city in Finland. The central task of the city’s development company Into Seinäjoki is to ensure that companies in Seinäjoki have the best opportunities to operate and develop. Our customers are start-ups, companies already located in Seinäjoki and companies planning on relocating in Seinäjoki.

We help our customers succeed and develop Seinäjoki into an even better business environment.


Seinäjoki City and Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences.


Esa Nuottivaara pj, Satu Ahopelto, Jarkko Ala-Riihimäki, Mikael Luotola, Suvi Ilonen, Asko Viitanen, Ari Kekarainen, Satu Ylisiurua-Hemminki, Joanna Silver, Jaakko Kiiskilä, Jaakko Hallila.

30 employees, turnover 9 million euros, NPS 54

Into's goals in 2024

1400 Participants in Into’s events
150 new Seinäjoki companies met
1800 Companies contacted
1300 Services that support the growth of companies provided
25 New companies located in Seinäjoki (with the help of Into)
100 Offers for locating companies
NPS + 50
130 companies featured in Into's Communications

Into is the same as good attitude

Into exists for business success. We actively listen to the needs of companies and, in cooperation with the city and our partners, seek solutions for business growth and business development.

Into is one of Seinäjoki’s most important development organizations. We have the big mandate of the owner, the city of Seinäjoki, to be responsible for various development programs that strengthen the vitality and business life of the region and to bring together the best partners.

We are also a desired partner for projects managed by others. We work closely with the following organizations: Seinäjoki Entrepreneurs Association, South Ostrobothnia Entrepreneurs Association, South Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce, Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia, Centre for Economic Development, Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences, Southern Ostrobothnia University Association, University Consortium of Seinäjoki. Into’s important role is to bring out the needs of companies in various development projects and to bring companies together.

Over the years, we have been responsible for coordinating major national development programs in Seinäjoki. We are currently responding to e.g. measures of a national ecosystem agreement. The ecosystem that strengthens Seinäjoki’s innovation activities for 2021–2027 is called INTELLIGENT GREEN GROWTH. There are two priorities for developing its strategic level: 1) Sustainable regeneration of the food ecosystem and 2) Intelligently regenerating industry.

Into has operated with its current model since the beginning of 2015. At that time, Frami Oy, which was responsible for the technology center Frami’s properties and extensive business development work, and the Seinäjoki Region Business Center, which was responsible for the city’s business services, merged. Into employs 30 experts.

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