Development projects

Development projects
promote regional
business success.

Development projects

Development projects
promote regional
business success.

Into’s ongoing development projects

Into Seinäjoki is one of the most significant development organizations in our region and a sought-after partner for various business promotion projects. We continuously manage large nationwide and EU-wide projects, all of which promote the business of our companies and the vitality of our region.

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Contact: Hannemari Niemi, Development Manager, tel. +358 40 145 1300,

Coordination of the Seinäjoki innovation ecosystem agreement

The project will launch the implementation of the City of Seinäjoki’s innovation ecosystem agreement and coordinate and activate the measures to be taken under it.

The ecosystem that strengthens Seinäjoki’s innovation activities for 2021–2027 is called INTELLIGENT GREEN GROWTH. There are two priorities for developing its strategic level: 1) Sustainable regeneration of the food ecosystem and 2) Intelligently regenerating industry.

The coordination includes the tasks related to the management of the contract and the implementation of the planned measures partly as Into’s own work and partly as purchasing services. The work involves activating actors to promote measures.

The project will run until the end of March 2022 and will be funded by the Support for Sustainable Growth and Vitality of the Regions (AKKE) channeled by the E-P Association and the City of Seinäjoki. From 2022 onwards, coordination funding will come from the European Union’s Regional Development Fund and the City of Seinäjoki.

Measure as a table

Project number: 2020 01B AKKE

Innovation ecosystem agreements are part of the government’s efforts to strengthen globally competitive ecosystems in Finland. The main idea of ​​the agreements is innovative and pioneering cities, which, based on their own strengths, take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitalisation, new technologies and carbon neutrality, thus accelerating economic renewal and a sustainable city.

Additional information: Hannemari Niemi, tel. +358 040145 1300

Agile and sustainable movement

The goal of the project is to grow RDI networks and network cooperation for agile and sustainable mobility in the region, and to bring the latest knowledge in the field quickly for the region to utilize. In addition, the project promotes the construction of RDI environments for agile and sustainable mobility in the region, as well as RDI cooperation between research, training and development operators and companies. The agile and sustainable mobility project aims above all to support companies’ opportunities to bring new mobility innovations to the market as smoothly as possible through the actions of public actors.

Project measures:

  • national and international mobility development networks are mapped and applications are made to participate in their activities
  • new mobility development measures are built through network cooperation
  • information obtained through networks is channeled to the region
  • the possibilities of local drone flying are presented to companies and efforts are made to get piloting and product development projects in the area
  • find out the support and ancillary functions necessary for running the business of drone flying
  • the technical boundary conditions required for the realization of a rail logistics center set by urban aviation with drones, electric aviation and freight transport at the airport are clarified.

Project period: 1 January 2023 – 31 January 2025. Financed by: European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

Additional information: Aki Kytölä, tel. +358 44 557 3001, Elisabet Kivimäki, tel.  +358 40 760 3907


Space Academy – Developing the regional trainee program

The goal of the project is to develop a common trainee program operating model for the region, to pilot the model and to strengthen the attractiveness of the region and the attractiveness of companies in the eyes of future experts. The project aims to actively highlight internships offered by companies, attract new talents, create synergy and strengthen joint visibility. In addition, the project’s measures aim to increase awareness of the development of the employer image and its importance in attracting talents.

Project period: 1.9.2022–31.5.2024. Funded by the Support for Sustainable Growth and Vitality of the Regions (AKKE). Project number: 2022 07 AKKE

Additional information: Anu Portti, tel. +358 50 530 9250

To become a green business area

The project develops a tool for building the business areas of municipalities and the city into business areas of sustainable development and an operating environment that supports business activities. With the help of the tool, sustainable development is already considered in land use and planning. In particular, the tool is suitable for development measures for the sustainable development of business areas and as an operating environment that supports business activities.

With the development of the tool, the goal is to increase business activity in line with sustainable development and the creation of an operating environment that supports this. The tool is implemented in cooperation with the city and companies, and it is supposed to work throughout the life cycle of the business area.

Project period: 1 August 2022 – 29 February 2024. Funder: Ministry of the Environment (municipal climate and circular economy projects)

Additional information: Pekka Hunnakko, tel. +358 500 569 807


Virtual events as a source for ne business 

The goal is to develop virtuality into new business, expertise and added value for the region. The project explores what models and ways to take advantage of virtuality in events and how they can be used to create both business and customer experiences. The project is managed by SeAMK Business and Culture, Into acts as a co-implementer.

Project activities:

  • Mapping of the operation and implementation methods of virtual events and an explanation of the implementation methods and models of virtual events and business cooperation
  • Survey of regional expertise and interest.
  • A series of workshops / webinars for event players to develop opportunities in virtual events.
  • Piloting and developing virtual events.
  • A digital guide to implementing virtual events and business collaboration.

The project will produce a series of workshops / webinars for event players to develop virtual opportunities, business collaboration and a customer experience at events. Based on the results, pilot events will be planned and implemented to test and develop new implementation methods, customer experience, earnings logic and business cooperation.

Project period: 1.9.2021 – 31.8.2023. Funded by: Pirkanmaa Federation / ERDF

Additional information: Johanna Rintamäki, tel. +358 40 592 7518

Cities 2030

Consumer orientated development in co-operation with an international network

The goal is to change and reorganize food production methods, transportation, supply and recycling in co-operation with the city’s food sector companies and organisations. Opportunities for companies are outlining and developing new business opportunities, raising the level of digital skills, better utilisation of consumer orientated operational models and idea generation with international partners. In a central role is the pilot connected to the Healthy Kids of Seinäjoki concept, which strives to promote child and youth health and welfare.

Project duration: 1.10.2020–30.9.2024. Financing: Horizon 2020. Project managers: Into Seinäjoki Oy + 40 other partners from 20 different countries

Additional information: Elina Koivisto, tel. + 358 40 736 2043

The condition of the sale of companies
in the change of ownership through the eyes of young people

Fresh perspectives on business development and promotion of change of ownership

The primary goal of the project is to develop and test a concept that could increase the number of changes ofownership in South Ostrobothnia. The new concept looks at the attractiveness and sales condition of companies through
the eyes of young people and aims to increase the attractiveness of companies to potential buyers.

On the other hand, the attitude of entrepreneurs and companies towards renewal is also increased, bringing fresh perspectives and
innovative ideas to the development of companies. The concept also promotes young people’s entrepreneurial
enthusiasm and interest in entrepreneurship by highlighting acquisitions and changes of ownership as an enabler of
entrepreneurship and growth.

Project period: 3.5.2021-30.4.2023, Funding: European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Project code: A76980

Additional information: Anu Portti, tel. +358 50 530 9250

More information, please contact:

Niemi Hannemari
Management of development projects