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Development projects promote regional business success.
Themes cut into current, business orientated development requirements. 
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Further information: Hannemari Niemi, Develompent Manager, tel. +358 40 145 1300, hannemari.niemi(at)intoseinajoki.fi


Meetings, partnerships and experimentation in the food sector

The basis of Food Hub are the needs of large companies operating in the food sector and knowledge from research and ideas, to which solutions are sought from SME companies, start-ups and activating entrepreneurs. In the project, solution providers spar with customers, for example getting their products to shop shelves. In the project, training workshops are arranged to prepare for increasing partnerships and meeting places are arranged for different companies of different sizes. Furthermore, the idea is supported by constructing crucial teams, and expert support is offered to develop new ideas. As a result, new kinds of co-operation and subcontracting networks are created as well as completely new kinds of business activity for the food sector. As a result of the project a food sector innovation ecosystem is formed, which connects the needs of different players on a joint platform and stimulates the creation of new business activity.

Project duration: 1.2.2020-31.3.2022.

Financing: European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) 

Project code: A75999

Further information: Sanna Kankaanpää, +358 400 743 422


Helping small companies overcome the coronavirus

The goal of the PYKKI project is to assist Seinäjoki companies to survive the crisis caused by the coronavirus and encourage companies to consider developing as viable companies also in the future at the end of these exceptional circumstances.

The project includes:

  1. From the flood of information, assembling and disseminating relevant information to small-scale entrepreneurs in different ways and different channels.
  2. Increasing small-scale entrepreneurs’ abilities and preparation for the challenges created by future exceptional circumstances.
  3. The creation of networks to support the survival and working capacity of small-scale entrepreneurs.

The project runs, 3.4.2020–31.3.2021 and it is managed by financing from the Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia’s Regional Sustainable Growth and Vitality (AKKE) and from the Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia’s own funding.

Project code: 2020 01 AKKE

Further information: Riina Mansikkamäki, tel. +358 50 325 4720

Head towards South-Ostrobothnia

Skilled international people for the region’s companies.

The goal of the project is to promote the employment of skilled international people in the region’s companies. In the project, six operational models are constructed, with the tasks of improving employability by increasing work life knowledge of immigrants and companies’ readiness to recruit skilled international people. Furthermore, in the project regional co-operation is promoted by creating South Ostrobothnia’s Talent Hub network according to the national Talent Boost concept.

Project duration: 1.2.2020-28.2.2022

Financing: European Social Fund (ESF)

Project code: S21900

Project managers: Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences, Into Seinäjoki, Suomen Yrittäjäopisto, Sedu and Kauhajoki Town

Further information: Anu Portti, +358 50 530 9250


Consumer orientated development in co-operation with an international network

The goal is to change and reorganize food production methods, transportation, supply and recycling in co-operation with the city’s food sector companies and organisations. Opportunities for companies are outlining and developing new business opportunities, raising the level of digital skills, better utilisation of consumer orientated operational models and idea generation with international partners. In a central role is the pilot connected to the Healthy Kids of Seinäjoki concept, which strives to promote child and youth health and welfare. 

Project duration: 1.10.2020–30.9.2024

Financing: Horizon 2020

Project managers: Into Seinäjoki Oy + 40 other partners from 20 different countries

Further information: Elina Koivisto, tel. + 358 40 736 2043

Entrepreneur Z

A success concept for entrepreneurs of the future

The goal of the project is to increase knowledge and understanding about the formation of new Generation Z entrepreneurship, the opportunities and income models they offer as well as need for support. The intention is to increase the capacity of personnel working in business service organisations to spar with these entrepreneurs towards the future. The project also aims to create new kinds of co-operation between young Generation Z entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs that have operated in the sector for longer. 

Project duration: 1.1.2020-30.6.2021

Financing: European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) 

Project Code: A75652

Further information: Anu Portti, +358 50 530 9250

Test it - events to boost business

Grow business innovations – pilot test model at events

In the project companies’ new products and services are tested at Seinäjoki’s large events. As a result of the project a new kind of innovation co-operation model between companies and events is created.

Project duration: 1.6.2019-30.5.2021.

Financing: European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Project Code: A75072.

Further information: Johanna Rintamäki, +358 40 592 7518


A road map to activate ecological rural airports

In this international project, passenger and freight transport between EU rural regions and China is developed. In the project, a co-operation network for forms of new ecological business activity for rural airports is modeled and co-operation with many different sectors is constructed, as well as the creation of openings in training co-operation towards China.

A further goal is to reveal hidden pearls of rural tourism in an international partnership network. Concerning Seinäjoki airport, the goal is the creation of a model for the airport to operate as an international company test environment. 

Project duration: 1.1.2020-31.12.2021

Financing: Liiveri ry

Further information: Elisabet Kivimäki, +358 40 760 3907


Healthy kids of Seinäjoki

Development platform as a base for regional strength and business growth 

In the project, co-operation is tightened with company, research and stakeholder groups in themes promoting child, youth and family welfare and health. The goal is to strengthen the Healthy Kids of Seinäjoki platform as a physical, functional and digital development environment, especially for companies.  The result of the project is the creation of a molded development platform.

Project duration: 1.5.2019-30.4.2021.

Financing: European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Project code: A74909.

Project managers: Into Seinäjoki Oy, Seinäjoki City and Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences

Further information: Sanna Valkosalo, tel. + 358 50 326 6586

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