Relocate smoothly

By many measurements, Seinäjoki is Finland’s best place for businesses. That is why it is easy to welcome all new companies to Seinäjoki. One of the central roles of Into Seinäjoki is to support companies to relocate in the region. With you, we will look for new customers and partners, premises, land and skilled workers.

Familiarisation visit to Seinäjoki

Three big meetings in Seinäjoki on the same day.

  1. BUSINESS MEETING with potential customers or partners.
  2. LAND OR PREMISES INSPECTION in a business park or available land/premises. 
  3. DECISION-MAKER MEETING with the city leaders, union representatives or business sector leaders. You decide. We organise.

Duration: 1 weekday, you only pay for your own travel expenses.

Order: Tapio Seppä-Lassila,, tel. + 358 40 501 7350

Customer event in Seinäjoki

Would there be customers for your company in Seinäjoki? Would it even be good to relocate here? Let’s test! Together we invite your company’s potential customers and stakeholders to breakfast. You define the audience – we will do the invitations.

Programme structure, 8:15-10 am approx.: breakfast, your company’s presentation, discussion and networking. If desired, an Into representative can host and open the event. 

Your expenses: Space rent (approx. €100) + food and beverages (max €20 per person).

Order: Tapio Seppä-Lassila,, tel. +358 40 501 7350

Skilled workforce

Do you need a skilled workforce? We help and support your company to find new skilled workers. On the Work in Seinäjoki internet service you can give information about vacant work tasks in your company. In doing so you participate in our recruitment campaigns, and make your company visible through Into Seinäjoki’s marketing activities. We also help your company to acquire international recruitment skills.

Further information: Anu Portti,, tel. +358 50 530 9250

Invite Into to visit

Annually we make over 100 relocation visits to companies around Finland. We tell about Seinäjoki and clarify business’ interest to relocate or acquire new customers or representatives. Our work results in 25 companies relocating to Seinäjoki annually. Why don’t you also benefit from our free services and invite Into to visit?

Order: Jukka Pajunen,, tel. + 358 44 418 1215

Premises or land

Are you looking for shop or business premises in Seinäjoki? Into offers companies the  (premises Seinäjoki) services, where you look for locations suitable for your company’s requirements. If you can’t find anything suitable from what is on offer, then let us know your needs and we can look together. The service is completely without charge to businesses! There is lots of business land to choose from in Seinäjoki. Most is available in one of Finland’s biggest business parks, Roves, but land is also available in other areas. Tell us your needs, we will find the best place.

Further information: Jaana Paavola:, tel. + 358 400 787 528. 

Pop-up premises

How does working and meeting customers in Seinäjoki go? Try it with a two-week test drive. We offer you the use of a 1-2 person premises in the centre of Seinäjoki for two weeks, free of charge. Living and other personal expenses are your responsibility. We will agree two meetings with stakeholders or bring you along to a regional business sector meeting during the two weeks. 

Further information: Jaana Paavola:, tel. +358 400 787 528. 

Please contact

Jukka Pajunen
Tel. +358 44 418 1215